About Tidy Report

Tidy Report was founded in 2020. Our focus has been the creation of the best news aggregator website for USA political news. We aggregate and curate political news articles and tweets into a Tidy Report.

Tidy Report is updated often 24/7. We continuously evaluate various news sources and tweets so that we can provide you with the most popular and current political news all in one place.

Tidy Report is unique in that it offers trending news for the left, the right, or a combination of both.
You can even filter the news by content sentiment. Users select the news content that they choose to consume. This is accomplished with the selection buttons at the top of the website. Each configuration has it’s own unique URL too so your favorite settings can be bookmarked.

Here are a few common configurations based on political leaning:

Our world-view is that everyone is politically biased to a varying degree either to the left or to the right.
But we also believe that it’s important to sample both sides of the news and Tidy Report makes it simple for users to do just that.


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