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Why not a Native American, you racist bigot…

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Shapiro's tweet suggested no such thing -- that was only what Stern dishonestly claimed it suggested.

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I wonder if Democrats in America would back a vaccine mandate for food stamps and welfare…

If not, it proves this isn’t about health – it is about power.

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The View co-host Joy Behar called the Supreme Court a “dictatorial branch of the government.”

There has to be a word for a higher form of stupidity, right?

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Worth the 3 minutes to listen to all of these remarks from Justice Breyer at the White House.

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Stephen Breyer says the U.S. is "an experiment that's still going on," based on its Constitution and founding principles

"My grandchildren and their children, they'll determine whether the experiment still works. And of course, I am an optimist, and I'm pretty sure it will."

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Do black women really believe Joe Biden is doing them a favor by nominating a black female to the Supreme Court?

That’s not empowering, y’all. You’re basically telling black women that they can never achieve success by their own will and education. They must be “helped.”


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Announcing you are excluding all but one race and sex from consideration for a job opening is completely illegal and unconstitutional in every other context.

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The person I nominate to replace Justice Breyer will be someone with extraordinary qualifications. Character, experience, and integrity.

And they will be the first Black woman nominated to the United States Supreme Court.

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Very important data on risk assessment and public policy. Amazing how many in the replies are raging at this doctor for sharing this information.

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If you want perspective on how how people <35 die in the US, relative to COVID, take a look. It would be nice if we placed a proportionate amount of societal energy into preserving life via prevention of MV acc, ODs, homicide, suicide, & drownings (not shown but 12x more for <5)

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‘Bye Bye, Hey Hey’: Rand Paul brutally ZINGS Neil Young with one of his own songs for canceling HIMSELF and the Left can’t DEAL

'Bye Bye, Hey Hey': Rand Paul brutally ZINGS Neil Young with one of his own songs for canceling HIMSELF and the Left can't DEAL

You know Rand probably sang this in his head ... lol.

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White male reporter celebrates barring Asians, Hispanics and gays.

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WASHINGTON (AP) — Biden reasserts pledge to nominate Black woman to Supreme Court, calls it 'long overdue,' decision by end of February.

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Wow! Now this is some real reporting! Must reading that goes beyond what you know—or think you know—about January 6. Fasten your seat belt!

Capitol Offense: The Ugly Truth Behind The Five Deaths From January 6th and 7th

Capitol Offense: The Ugly Truth Behind The Five Deaths From January 6th and 7th

Welcome to Tianamerica

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Hawks want you to believe that the fate of democracy around the world rests on Ukraine. If you believe this crap may god help you.

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And then touches his nose after touching the mask that is not his

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Biden hands Breyer his mask. Breyer puts it in his pocket. Biden walks away maskless. #Science twitter.com/townhallcom/s...

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Breyer is four years older than Biden and sounds healthier and more coherent.

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Joe Biden announces he will not consider any person for Supreme Court unless she’s a black woman. This means he isn’t considering 94% of the American population for this job. It also means he’s doing a tremendous disservice to his eventual nominee.

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Texas will continue to be a hub for #blockchain and #crypto!


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Can you please stay there? Thanks.

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Today I am traveling to Tegucigalpa, Honduras to attend the inauguration of President Xiomara Castro. Our relationship with Honduras is an important one. We will meet later today to discuss deepening our cooperation across a broad range of issues between our two nations.

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It would be my absolute honor to accept this nomination on behalf of the American people. I assure you I meet all the necessary qualifications as I am both black and female.
I look forward to establishing further communication with the Biden administration.

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NOW - Biden pledges to nominate the first Black woman to the Supreme Court of the United States.

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This incredibly demeaning quote from a Left-wing activist buried in here about Black Republicans running for office is just wild.

“You’ll always find some number of an oppressed group that will go along with the oppression.”

Amid ‘Jim Crow 2.0’ rhetoric, some GOP candidates of color thrive - Roll Call

Wesley Hunt, a Black Republican candidate for an open House seat in Texas, raised more than $1 million in the fourth quarter.

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Lt. Col. Stu Scheller gave up his career to stand up to the Biden Administration and demand accountability.

I'm honored to have him standing with me against the establishment. @MarineLTStu

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The contrast in vitality between Breyer and Biden is impossible to ignore

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She was. Invoking Reagan to try to tu quoque people is nonsense because no one believes Reagan was infallible or that everything he did was correct

It is just as wrong to pick someone because they are woman as it is to pick them because they are a man (same for black vs white)

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Just a friendly reminder that Ronald Regan pledged to appoint a woman to SCOTUS once elected. That’s how we got Justice O’Connor, so by that logic, she was an affirmative action appointment. Y’all just need to stop.

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Breyer is really robust, thinks on his feet. No wonder he didn't want to retire.

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