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This story is about as real as the claim that he has two gay black dads. When this dude’s YouTube channel got demonetized he cried about how he needs YouTube for income because he isn’t skilled to do anything else.

I don’t like either of the people in this screenshot.

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How Israeli songs became integral to Taiwan's national folk dancing tradition | The Times of Israel

How Israeli songs became integral to Taiwan’s national folk dancing tradition

Dating back to the nationalist Kuomintang government era, the pastime is still beloved by many Taiwanese of a certain age - and Hebrew classics make up a big part of the repertoire

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"Conservatives never care when a white man kills a black man"

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Ya hate to see this happen to such a good person like Ilhan Omar.

And by good person, I mean anti-Semitic ghoul who is an embarrassment to the congress — and that’s saying something.

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WATCH: Ilhan Omar Booed At Somali Concert In Minnesota: ‘Get The F*** Out Of Here!’ dlvr.it/STHcR8

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Remember, the Fourth of July is a celebration of armed citizens using their own weapons to shoot tyrants.🇺🇸

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If this offends you, get out.

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There’s literally not merely an excuse, but a perfect legal justification for the shooting death of #JaylandWalker.

But you’d have to be able to think rationally and not merely shriek emotions at the sky in order to understand why that is.

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@JoeF62 @JackPosobiec They claim he turned and pulled a gun while running.
There’s no excuse for the literal overkill knee jerk reaction. None.

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‘WRONG DIRECTION’: @SaraCarterDC explains how Democratic policies and their ‘woke’ agenda are impacting the lives of Americans


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Corporate journalist advocates for a fair fight in lethal combat between police and the criminals who shoot at them.

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"He was outgunned, outmanned." Akron leaders condemn shooting of Jayland Walker  via @beaconjournal

'He was outgunned, outmanned.' Akron leaders condemn shooting of Jayland Walker

Various Akron clergy and activists offered their thoughts on video footage of Jayland Walker's shooting by Akron police.

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America has sponsored more terrorists than Russia from Afghanistan to Syria.

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It is past time for the U.S., U.K, and others to designate Russia a state sponsor of terrorism. It is a fact. #RussiaTerroristState

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I thought #JaylandWalker was just a door dash driver? That’s what BLM Dems told us. You don’t typically see door dash drivers in ski masks, do you? Aren’t folks tired of Democrats always emotionally manipulating them to get votes?

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NEW FOOTAGE: Leaked uncensored video shows police shooting death of Jayland Walker - breaking911.com/breaking-...

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Biden Puts Europe First and America Last

Biden Puts Europe First and America Last (Finance Friday)

Dead-cat bounce passes and Taiwan may not be Beijing’s first target

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I haven't seen any violence today covering the #JaylandWalker protests in Akron, OH.

When protesters yelled at cops behind the Police HQ, the Sheriff's Department rolled out about a dozen men with long guns (only a few less-lethal.)

Organizers pressed the crowd to move on.

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I don’t remember an official Declaration of War being passed by congress. But I guess that hasn’t mattered to the bipartisan foreign policy swamp for decades. We have to increase US oil production and stop hurting our country.

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My message to the companies running gas stations and setting prices at the pump is simple: this is a time of war and global peril.

Bring down the price you are charging at the pump to reflect the cost you’re paying for the product. And do it now.

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Fly it high and fly it proud.

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The 135 year old Electoral Count Act is in desperate need of an update.
Reforming it would clearly define the role of the Vice President in the election process.
I encourage you to learn more and sign up at


Happy July 4th!

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The details don’t add. Jayland Walker was doing door dash but he had on a ski mask while running from the police and shooting at the police. What kind of door dash delivery was he making. It’s sad he died and yes 60 shots seem like a lot but don’t shoot at the police.

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Symptom of Stage 4 Trump Derangement Syndrome seems to include the view that since the Constitution and the federal institutions it created somehow allowed Trump to become President, then these need to be done away with or completely deconstructed.

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@TheH2 @MaxBoot Why is it that these people can’t just oppose Trump? They have first to abandon every conservative instinct they ever proposed, and then to try to abolish the Constitution.

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America is the Greatest country in the world. And I’m blessed and proud to be an American.

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Fourth of July weekend reminder: America is still good, and still worth fighting for.

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Wannabe cowboy now who likes to shoot stuff.


More totally normal behavior fortunately stopped by a woman exercising her 2A rights.

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