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Herschel Walker’s defeat in Georgia marked the final indignity of the midterms for Donald Trump, who hand-picked the former football star for the Senate run.

“Georgia may be remembered as the state that broke Trump once and for all,” said a GOP operative.

Midterms deliver one last Trump loss: 3 takeaways from Georgia's Senate runoff

“Georgia may be remembered as the state that broke Trump once and for all,” said one GOP operative.

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Great work @GOPChairwoman.

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4 Democrat senators from Arizona and Georgia. Just outstanding stuff.

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The FBI honestly seems to have thought its job was to determine the next president so it lied to media companies to shape their content. No matter how much you may hate Trump surely you understand the problem here.

Twitter, the FBI, and the First Amendment

TWITTER, THE FBI, AND THE FIRST AMENDMENT. New Twitter owner Elon Musk made a lot of news in the conservative world on Friday when he released information about Twitter's infamous suppression of the October 2020 New York Post story about Joe Biden and influence peddling, a story based on evidence from Biden's son Hunter's laptop. The article, published in the last three weeks of the 2020 presidential campaign, noted that Hunter Biden was engaged in shady business dealings in Ukraine and reported that one of his Ukrainian associates thanked him for arranging for the associate to meet Hunter's father, then the vice president of the United States. One reasonable inference to draw from the story was that Hunter and Joe Biden worked together to reward the people who were paying Hunter Biden at least $50,000 a month to do nothing in particular.

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Good night, and ponder the fact that Kamala Harris will have more time to work on the border crisis now that she no longer needs to break ties in the Senate.

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@KurtSchlichter @GOPChairwoman You actually missed a huge one from We The People! We expected her NOT to run based on her passed performance and allow for the election of someone else based on merit. PERIOD!

I'm Back FKrs ⚒️@InBackFkrsI'm here for the meme wars! Tested and proven on Real Battlefields! I'm no influencer, just a regular American speaking his mind.
Pronouns: Red White & Blue


@KurtSchlichter @GOPChairwoman Now we can add the failure of the @RNC and the @GOPChairwoman to get @HerschelWalker over the finish line. Ronna has to go or manage a controlled demolition of the entire RNC at her helm. If she is re-elected. Don't bother contacting me ever again!

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They voted for this.

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Welcome to Los Angeles

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What the minor child of Ted Cruz or any other politician is going through should never be news. It’s disgusting that media is reporting it. Prayers up for his family!

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The Warnock Walker runoff was literally a best case scenario for GA Dems and they won by 1.6% apparently.

Yeah … they can write off the state against any decent R come 2024.

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The GOP has a grifter PAC problem. They scoop up all the money with dishonest solicitations and use the money to pay consultants. Candidates buy media ads at the lowest rate by law. PACs don’t. So not only are candidates broke, the dollars don’t stretch as far.

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Another thing: The GOP has a major fundraising problem. We were HEAVILY outspent in every single swing state senate race. Why does it suck so bad? You get all those texts and emails from Republican groups but most of the time, you're money doesn't actually go to the candidate.

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I just took 2 mins to listen to Twitter space of @ChristianWalk1r… Couldn’t take it. These ppl are shills or they’re just dumb. Guy said a RINO is now anybody who doesn’t pray to Mar-A-Lago… No finnochio, a RINO is still a rat that preserves the corrupt status quo.

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🧵 1: There’s a lot more to full transparency just re Russiagate than getting rid of Baker but it’s a big step. See vids & you’ll understand why it’s not being posted by Kash on Twitter.

If Perkins Coie is @elonmusk Twitter’s outside counsel this isn’t remotely enough:

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Hearing that @GOPChairwoman spent seven figures on private jets, six figures on staff spa retreats, tens of thousands on clothes at Nordstrom. All party funds, BTW. Oh, and if we lose GA tonight she’ll be 0 for 5 in elections while chair. . .

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14 months ago, @lukerosiak uncovered Loudoun County's coverup of sexual assaults by a skirt-wearing boy, and a top official ordered staff to ignore his claims. Tonight, the Loudoun County School Board fired superintendent Scott Ziegler after a grand jury confirmed his reporting.

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Entire GOP establishment abandoned Herschel Walker and the conservative  punditry is gonna figure out a way to blame trump the same way the left always finds a way to blame climate change 🤷‍♂️

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@adamscrabble @RonColeman Trump in his midterm loses the House; expands in Senate: Trump BAD!

Biden in his midterm loses the House; expands in Senate: Trump BAD!

Dems have 222 seats in the House after the 2020 elections: Trump BAD!

GOP has now 222 seats: Trump BAD!

TDS is now a full psychosis.

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Curious what the argument is to keep things at the RNC status quo

- barely winning the house
- losing a runoff senate seat
- losing critical states WI, MI, AZ and PA
- massive fundraising deficit

In any other job the management team would be fired for such a poor performance

Spencer Brown @itsSpencerBrownManaging Editor @Townhallcom


Herschel Walker has pulled ahead in the #GArunoff with more than 60% reporting in almost two hours after polls closed.

LIVE RESULTS 📊 townhall.com/tipsheet/spe...

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The anger of Americans who feel betrayed by their own elected officials is not a small thing. It goes to the heart of what self-government by “we the people” is supposed to mean.

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1)the news about Ted cruz's daughter is terrible

2) news organizations generally should not be reporting on the mental health crises of 14 year old kids, even when their parents are famous or politically important.

This should not be public information & it is actively harmful

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You ran one hell of a race @HerschelWalker while the media and some Republicans were against you. Media ran 77% negative news about you, and 80% positive news on Warnock. You are still are giving him a run for his money. We yelled run Herschel run, and you ran. Bravo, sir. twitter.com/i/web/status/...

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Thank God 👇👇

@Jim_Jordan is demanding ATF preserve the evidence

House Judiciary GOP @JudiciaryGOPOfficial Twitter for the House Committee on the Judiciary, Republicans | Est. 1813 | Ranking Member, @Jim_Jordan


🚨#BREAKING: The ATF notified @Jim_Jordan that it intends to destroy the firearms associated with the botched Operation Fast and Furious.

The scandal is still a matter of public concern.

Preserve the evidence.

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We need new leadership at the @GOP and new leadership in general.

Dave Wasserman @RedistrictU.S. House editor of the nonpartisan @CookPolitical Report w/ @AmyEWalter. Nerd for 🗺️ maps, 📈 data, ⛷️ ski slopes & 🎻 trad tunes. Has seen enough.


I've seen enough: Sen. Raphael Warnock (D) defeats Herschel Walker (R) in the #GASEN runoff, giving Democrats a 51-49 majority in the Senate.

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This pretty much sums up where I am

I'm pretty free enterprise, as a rule

But I'm far less so when I see my friends attacked within my own company, when we are hunted down and fired for our views

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"I'm sorry that's happening to you. Best of luck."

Senator @TomCottonAR blasts woke Kroger CEO for expecting Republicans to come to their defense.

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Writes Marginally Compelling newsletter polimath.substack.com


.@kroger CEO: Please republicans, please help me from these awful Democrats

Also @kroger  CEO: All conservative Christians should be fired, fuck you people, we hope you die

Also @kroger CEO: Why won't republicans save me?

Kroger sued for allegedly firing workers who refused to wear rainbow symbol

The suit says the ex-employees hold a "religious belief that homosexuality is a sin" and accuses the supermarket chain of religious discrimination.

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