"Maxine Waters is now facing some much-deserved karma after that Minneapolis trip she took..."  -  Sophie O'Hara

Maxine Waters’ Controversial MN Trip is Coming Back to Haunt Her Big Time - WayneDupree.com

Well, Mad Max is back in the news again folks and this time it’s not for inciting a riot. I know…shocking… TIRED OF THE ADS? BECOME A PREMIUM USER TODAY!! Maxine is now facing even more controversy from her infamous trip to Minnesota, but now it’s for reportedly squandering government resources. According to reports, Maxine […]

Absolutely @MeghanMcCain !

Every SINGLE elected Democrat in congress should have to answer if they agree with Ocasio-Cortez that Israel is an apartheid state.

The military responding by immediately firing a commander for saying Marxism has infiltrated the military kind of entirely proves his point. Disgusting. I hope someone in Congress offers him a job. If I was in Congress I’d immediately hire him.

Space Force commander removed after saying Marxism is infiltrating the military trib.al/5conVRD

The head of the Arizona Senate confirmed an audit of elections found significant irregularities as well as missing data.

Missing data, subpoena noncompliance bring Arizona election audit to a boil

GOP leader hints at possible future subpoenas if county board does not comply.

“An attack on society itself.” LOL. Well, society, prepare for my ongoing attacks, I guess. I don’t like getting sick and have enjoyed remaining healthy.

Wearing a mask when it is not medically necessary is grotesque and unhuman, an attack on society itself. It feeds paranoia and fear. You are treating air like it is toxic and other humans like they are nothing but vessels of disease. It is disgraceful, arrogant, and offensive.

I want to comment on the Israel-Palestine conflict but I don’t feel like being referred to as SUPPORTING GENOCIDE or ANTI-SEMITIC by the intellectual heavyweights on either side.

Politics disallows for an honest discussion.

instead of trying to micro-manage the crisis in the Middle East do you think Biden might spend a little time trying to fix the crisis at our southern border that HE CREATED? 🙄🤦‍♂️

What a great day today! We have a double header. At 5pm ET we have The Big Sunday Show with @aishahhasnie @SeanDuffyWI @LisaMarieBoothe and @PlanetTyrus

Then we have @LisaMarieBoothe on @NextRevFNC at 9pm ET

They had a great time yesterday. Please watch today!

A Millennial Story:

-- In 2008, Obama won the 18-29 vote in Florida by 24 points.

-- By 2020, those voters were all in their thirties.

-- Trump won the 30-44 year-old vote in Florida by 2 points.

My generation is not voting the way we did a decade ago.

‘Rockets over Riots‘: Jews Hunker Down Amid Arab Violence in Jaffa  via @BreitbartNews

'Rockets over Riots': Jews Hunker Down Amid Arab Violence in Jaffa

For more than a week, Arab rioters have set fires in the street, torched cars, and firebombed houses in Jaffa, north of Tel Aviv, Israel.


"All Lives Matter" is unifying and should not be controversial at all. The reason it triggers people is because it dismisses their attempted claim to victimhood (or saviorhood) and tells them directly and unapologetically that you refuse to be manipulated.

They don't like that.

Space Force Whistleblower just hit #6 on all of Amazon!!

Let’s KEEP it UP 🇺🇸🚀

To the MOON!!


Listen to @lynns_warriors and sign the petition to STOP Instagram from moving forward with a social media platform for young children. Over 40 U.S. Attorneys General, @commercialfree, & child safety advocates are calling on Facebook to stop development of Instagram for children.

#Warriors💙 #TakeAction

So NO! to Instagram for kids.

ICYMI I joined @SchmittNYC on @newsmax to discuss my recent exchange with Dr. Fauci. Check it out! youtu.be/E22PR-LhIUo