And yet we are to believe they love democracy so deeply that only they can be entrusted to preserve it?

Sheldon Whitehouse says the quiet part out loud: leftwing antics during confirmation and public debate are intended as attempts at public intimidation of members of the judiciary

Russian spy ship now reported north of Oahu

Turkey shouldn’t be anywhere near Afghanistan after Erdogan helped set up a caliphate in Syria.

The U.S. and Turkey have agreed to a plan for the Turks to continue providing security at the airport in Kabul, American officials said

Turkey Commits to Securing Afghan Airport After Americans Leave, U.S. Says

A major source of strain between the nations, Ankara’s purchase of a Russian air defense system, remains unresolved.

"Jen and Joe are both collapsing under the pressure and failures..." - Missy Crane

WATCH: Emotional Collapse? Jen Psaki and Joe Biden Are Now Both Lashing Out at Press...

Jen Psaki is not what you’d call “grace under fire.” And neither is her so-called boss, Joe. TIRED OF THE ADS? BECOME A PREMIUM USER TODAY!! Not even close. Jen is a typical weak-minded liberal, who can’t handle it when facts are thrown at her. She buckles. And Joe is a man who clearly has […]

Yes and when I do I get the best nights sleep in the whole wide world with, promocode Poso!

@JackPosobiec Do you ever sleep?

"It is a new day for [Putin]” says fmr WH Chief of Staff @MarkMeadows "And it is a sad day for the American people when we throw down the white surrender flag when traveling abroad.”

Meadows says Putin’s now thinks there’s an ‘open door' for him to to what he wants Meadows says Putin’s now thinks there’s an ‘open door' for him to to what he wants

Mark Meadows accused Biden of "throw[ing] down the white surrender flag when traveling abroad" after almost four hour meeting with Putin.

“God wanted to hide his secrets in a secure place. ‘Would I put them on the moon?’ He reflected…. Then the solution occurred to Him – ‘I shall put my secrets in the inner sanctum of man’s own mind. ‘Then only those who really deserve it will be able to get to it.’”

Six. Trillion.

Senate Budget Chair @BernieSanders tells me the committee is considering a topline of $6 trillion for reconciliation.

“Everything is in movement,” he says. “This is a proposal.”

No one — literally not one person — who opposes Critical Race Theory opposes the teaching of the history of slavery. What we oppose is teaching that past slavery defines life *today*, which is a form of mental slavery.

CNN's Lemon: Republicans 'Trying to Whitewash Racism in America's Past' by Opposing Critical Race Theory

On his Thursday broadcast, CNN anchor Don Lemon said that Republicans were "trying to whitewash racism" by blocking school kids from being taught about the history of racism. | Clips

I look up to @mattgaetz, @DrPaulGosar, and @mtgreenee. A few of our great patriots in D.C. fighting for our constitutional rights. #AmericaFirst 🇺🇸

We have a 33% murder rate increase in America. Baltimore has a higher murder rate than Guatemala, Honduras & Afghanistan. So when will Kamala be going on a "root cause" tour of Baltimore? You’re more likely to be shot in St. Louis than Guatemala city. Democrats=Americans last.

So much for that.

Asked about those leaked comments, Manchin batted down that idea of lowering threshold to 55 votes -- saying that suggesting he's open to such a change "is totally wrong."

Manchin said he was talking about "all the things that have been thrown out" to overhaul the filibuster.

Growing up, I remember thinking it was so unbelievably cool for a woman as strong as her to simultaneously own her attitude— & sex appeal.

Joan Laurer forever changed the game for muscular women & female wrestlers.

I’ll never forget #Chyna.

Happy to see her being remembered.

Hilarious. Every attempt to discredit Revolver News & Tucker Carlson’s reports on the J6 riots consists of an admission that yes, everything reported is true. However it’s still baseless!

The latest from CNN:

Like basically every Democrat politician and their comrades in the corporate press, Joy Reid is a liar.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid falsely claims that conservatives are trying to ban the teaching of slavery in American schools.