This is the winning ticket and move, folks...for so many reasons...

If Tump Runs in 2024, This is The Man He'll Likely Pick As His VP...And No, It's Not DeSantis -

Editors Note: The only likely reason that Vernon Jones would be contemplating a run in 2024 is so he can be considered as a VP candidate for President Trump.  And think about it, he’d be perfect. Not only is Vernon an amazing patriot, but he’s a former Dem and a powerful black politician. Vernon could […]

The COVID package costs every single American  $5,750 and then gives some people $1,400.

No, Biden isn’t a leprechaun.

He’s just bribing you with your own money and footing your kids with the bill (and some inflation to top it off).

Weird thing to me about this is it’s not like cheering is just this basic white girl thing. There are tons of (extremely talented) predominantly black cheer squads in America.

Savannah State won the national title just a few years ago.

Black Lives Matter activists harass a group of young children in Louisville by mocking them for their “White privilege”

👀 👀 👀

WATCH: Border State Dem DESTROYS Biden on the Border Crisis He Caused

Border State Dem DESTROYS Biden on the Border Crisis He Caused

Border state Democrat Henry Cuellar goes on Fox News to discuss the migrant crisis at our southern border and absolutely destroys Joe Biden

What’s everyone planning for the our upcoming one year anniversary of “two weeks to flatten the curve”?


Liberals. They really do fall for anything. It’s kinda sweet.

Joe Biden is beloved by all

Inaccurate framing here.

Last years relief bills were written by both R’s and D’s, and D’s were more than happy to take credit for helping.

Now D’s are passing partisan bills through reconciliation, knowing they don’t need R votes. R’s tried to get involved and were ignored.

WATCH: @jonallendc says there's an "un-evenness" to calls for bipartisanship in Washington.

"Last year, Republicans wrote Covid relief bills ... and you saw all the Democrats vote for them. Now with the Democrats in the majority ... and none of the Republicans voted for it."

@urbandictionary not only allows "Republicunt," on its platform, it's hawking "Republicunt" mugs. But "Blue Anon" is censored.

American business should be worried about business...not wokeism!

Lol the WaPo thinks $1400 cuts poverty.

By the way, this is like North Korea levels of propaganda.

Biden stimulus showers money on Americans, sharply cutting poverty in defining move of presidency

"Pro-woman" arguments, you mean.

Sen Graham on Fox making anti-transgender arguments against the relief bill and Equality Act that passed House. Says “if you’re a young woman out there” biological men will able to compete and “ruin women’s sports.” He also co-sponsored an amendment on it that the Senate rejected

Paul Ryan spent his entire life trying to pass tax cuts/reform but could never do it until Trump showed up and got it done in less than a year. No surprise he’s trying to save another all-talk-no-winning Swamp Creature.

Exclusive -- Paul Ryan Plots Fundraiser for Liz Cheney: ‘Royalty in the Swamp’

Former House Speaker Paul Ryan will hold a fundraiser for embattled House GOP Conference chairwoman Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) in March.


Families of female aides defending Cuomo rake in millions lobbying him

Families of female aides defending Cuomo rake in millions lobbying him

Two of Gov. Cuomo’s top female aides, who have covered for him during a snowballing sexual harassment scandal, have family ties to high-powered lobbyists whose firms rake in millions of dollars

We’re really doing the spring break panic for a second year in a row

Spring breakers could spell 'perfect storm' for COVID-19 spread, expert warns

NEW:  Lt. Gen (Ret.) Russell Honore will discuss findings of his security review of US Capitol complex with House Members *tomorrow* at 1pm, 430pm and 8pm