Look !this is how Chinese teacher beats Uyghur students in public!

#Chinese Government support Chinese people oppress the #Uyghur people.
And #Muslim countries love this cruel #China.
Shame on You all support China at @UN .

"Gretchen's 'Glory Days' have official ended in the great state of Michigan....pretty much everyone loathes her now" - Missy Crane

It's Starting to Look Like Everyone in Michigan is Against Gretchen Whitmer - WayneDupree.com

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) was humiliated this week after the Republican Governors Association (RGA) found a unique way to make her pay for her strict COVID-19 lockdown policies that have led to thousands of restaurant jobs being lost in her state. TIRED OF THE ADS? BECOME A PREMIUM USER TODAY!! The RGA announced that the Get […]

Would support tax credits and pensions for full-time mothers if I ever ran

@realTanyaTay Love isn’t money and it doesn’t feed people. We should pay women for being mothers since it’s a full time job.

Happy Mother’s Day to my mama and to all you mamas. Grateful to have a good one and grateful to be one.

So blessed to have the best mom! She’s so loving, selfless, and fun. I thank God for her. Also, not sure anyone else could have handled me growing up 🤣. #HappyMothersDay!

FBI is apparently one of Dems most trusted institutions 🙃

Democrats approve of the CIA more than Republicans do by 9 points, and approve of FBI by *23 points more* than Republicans.

Two defining features of the modern-day Democrat are reverence for institutions of authority (they also love the corporate press) and censorship support.

Fact checking still alive and well!

NBC editor steps in to defend a horse from Trump

Trump called Medina Spirit a "junky." On top of the spelling, the indication is the horse had an individual role or choice in this. Both are wrong.

My mom was my biggest hero and the embodiment of resilience, grace, and humor in the face of a terrifying diagnosis. She’s still a source of strength for me and I miss her every day.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the wonderful moms out there.

The Silicon Valley is looking a lot more like the Silicon Swamp—hostile to Americans and friendly to dictatorships. If the Facebook oligarchs can silence a former President of the United States who received nearly 75 million votes, they can silence anyone

Newt Gingrich | The Facebook Oligarchs’ Betrayal of America

If the Facebook oligarchs can silence someone who served as President of the United States and received nearly 75 million votes, then they can silence anyone.

One of the best ads I had seek was from the old EAS / Muscle Media 2000 days.

“You only live one, you may as well be big.”

Or I’m miss remembering and it was something like, “Life is too short to have small biceps.”

Same energy.

I think about that ad often.

Honestly one of the biggest fear young men have is bankruptcy.

It’s not a big deal and it’s not worth avoiding risk cuz it might happen.

I’ve seen many many many successful older men with a BK in their past.

Stuff like that shouldn’t hold you back.

“Being a full time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs, since the payment is pure love”.

Happy Mother’s Day!

“We believe in mandatory vaccines as long as it’s done by the FREE MARKET! We believe in censorship as long as it’s done by the FREE MARKET! We believe in mass genocide of the American people through drug overdoes as long as it’s done by the FREE MARKET! WE are LIBERTARIANS!”

Are you shitting me

NEW: We’ve only been here about an hour and already a large group of 46 migrants just crossed the Rio and presented themselves to local deputies here in Del Rio, TX. Several of the migrants I asked said they are coming from Venezuela, just like yesterday. @FoxNews

By all means be a tardy sloth who follows all the other tardy sloths.

That’s a sure path to success.

Disney employee training materials reportedly say ‘competition,’ ‘individualism,’ and ‘timeliness,’ are ‘white dominant’ values that ‘perpetuate white supremacy culture.’

Disney Employee Training Claims U.S. Was Founded on ‘Systemic Racism,’ Includes ‘White Privilege Checklist’ | National Review

Training materials reportedly list ‘competition,’ ‘individualism,’ and ‘timeliness,’ as ‘white dominant’ values that ‘perpetuate white supremacy culture.’

Ok... "With all due respect to all of Netanyahu’s accomplishments, enough already!"

Likud rebellions against Netanyahu ignored

"With all due respect to all of Netanyahu's accomplishments, enough already!"

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas, especially those who’ve overcome tremendous Covid-related challenges in their families and careers this past year.

Mother’s Day 2021 and the State of Motherhood - ZipRecruiter

This Mother's Day, we're looking at six key reasons why work became less attractive, and less tenable, for mothers during the Covid-19 pandemic.