“The common thread in all of the scandals—from Trump’s pressuring of Ukraine to the new revelations about his DOJ obtaining communications data—is a consistent effort to enlist every element of federal power for his personal and political benefit.” 

How to Hold Trump Accountable

The extent of the former president’s corruption may be too great for Americans to fathom.

Yes, your employer can require you to get vaccinated. Here’s the latest about the rules in the U.S. on vaccinations in the workplace.

Yes, Your Employer Can Require You to Be Vaccinated

Companies can require workers entering the workplace to be vaccinated against the coronavirus, according to recent U.S. government guidance.

You will be fantastic my friend! Thank you !

It will be an honor and a privilege to sit in for my friend ⁦@NicolleDWallace⁩ hosting ⁦@DeadlineWH⁩ tomorrow afternoon. 4ET. A little nervous. Please be kind….

.@Alyssa_Milano says Fox is not news and that the network should be required to warn its viewers.

The Republican rout is complete. Obamacare has survived three court challenges and is more popular than ever.

Obamacare Is Here to Stay. Brace for New Health Care Battles.

Republicans in Congress have largely abandoned efforts to repeal the law. With the latest Supreme Court ruling, health policy now shifts to new territory.

“This is where ‘I don’t do Twitter’ (or insert platform here) becomes a liability. Not because Twitter is some great space for conversation… But bc the leader has no good sense of the environment in which their org is dropping a reporter or a story into.”

What Newsrooms Still Don’t Understand About the Internet

You can’t report on a culture war and also be an invisible bystander

No one is doing more to save democracy right now than @staceyabrams.

Join us in the fight this Sunday in Austin: act.betoorourke.com/event/texas-drive-for-democracy/34863

There’s a Republican woman in Congress who didn’t know the Holocaust was real until yesterday.

I'm pretty sure people in the United States are aware of slavery twitter.com/AsteadWesley/status/1405282026190635009

After thousands of doors knocked and calls sent, the House passed SB15, raising the minimum wage in Delaware to $15 by 2025. We want to shout out Navruz, Rachel, Yejoon, Susan, Adam, and the many other volunteers who have helped make this possible!

Anyone wanna talk about guns or how our planet is melting under our feet or nah?

.@mehdirhasan: How do Democrats get “so easily hammered” on police issues, while Republicans remain unscathed even when they disrespect police officers?
@RepSwalwell: “Because we don’t punch back hard enough.”

Do you know how happy this makes me? Our beloved #GwenIfill. Forever remembered in #Queens.

Railroad Park in Queens, a 16-acre natural area that’s home to migratory birds, will be known as Gwen Ifill Park.

New York City renames parks for Gwen Ifill and other prominent Black Americans

The city is renaming 16 of its parks and recreation areas to honor the legacies of Black Americans.

Incredible night celebrating the 32nd anniversary of Thikana Newspaper with members of the Bangladeshi community. Local papers like Thikana are how my family used to get news when I was young. They are so important to our immigrant communities. Congratulations!

As June said on “The Handmaid’s Tale”, we’re the ones we’ve been waiting for.

!!! ALERT - Court orders release of body camera video in the case of Thomas Webster, the retired New York police officer accused of attacking DC police on frontlines on January 6.

(Warning - language)

I mean it almost feels like the freak out about it this week isn’t on the level

from last september 25: trump pledges to make juneteenth federal holiday in bid for black voters

Trump pledges to make Juneteenth federal holiday in bid for Black voters

President Donald Trump made a series of promises at a campaign event in Atlanta on Friday in a bid to woo Black voters, including establishing Juneteenth, which commemorates the end of U.S. slavery, as a federal holiday.